dr poetThe Trailblazers launched a Bike-friendly campaign in summer 2019 to recognize private businesses that serve and encourage county cyclists. Here is a list of the initial recipients of the coveted window cling that proclaims “bike friendly” status.

1 Sunflower café
2 Fairhope Health Foods
3 The Warehouse Bakery
4 District Hall
5 Fairhope United Methodist Church
6 Fairhope Unitarian Fellowship
7 Bayside Orthopedics
8 Winn Dixie
9 Thomas Fitness Center
10 Greer’s
11 Two Sisters Deli
12 Pro Cycle
13 The Fairhope Store
1. Whits
2. Infinity Bicycles
3. Eastern Shore cycles
4. Publix Daphne
1 Foley Bike Shop
2 Drowsy Poet Coffee Co.
Gulf Shores
1 Zaxby’s
2 Tacky Jacks
3 Acme Oyster House
4 The Hangout
5 Gulf Island Grill
6 Beach House Kitchen & Cocktails
7 Glow Yoga
8 Big Beach Brewing Co.
9 Gulf Shores United Methodist Church
10 Rouses Market
11 Tikis mini golf and bike shack
12 Picnic Beach Restaurant

*Government agencies provide racks at public parks and buildings or on city streets, and we are grateful for those. This list (above) includes private places that serve the cycling community by renting or servicing bikes or by providing racks. No doubt we missed a few, and would be happy to send them a “bike-friendly” window cling, too.