Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get involved with the Baldwin County Trailblazers?

Walk to school with your child or become a Walking School Bus sponsor by contacting us here. Volunteer to staff the Bike Valet at Fairhope Arts & Crafts festival (March) or at Earth Day Mobile Bay (in Fairhope in April). Set an example when you drive: Give bicycles 3 feet when passing in a vehicle, and yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. Ask other drivers to do the same.

How do I report concerns along the trails?

For regular maintenance issues, you can email BCT and we will forward your concern.

How can I follow the Trailblazers online?

Send us your email address to join our mailing list. Or follow us on Facebook.  

Where Can I Learn More about the Walking School Bus?

Click here to subscribe to our mailing list. Or follow us on Facebook.  

The Walking School Bus in Fairhope is the only daily walk to school program in Alabama. Learn more here.

What laws govern cycling in Alabama?

Where can I ride? Ala Code- Bicycles (2019)  is here. Local laws may supersede the state code. Bicycles must have front lamp at night and rear reflector. Riders under age 16 must wear approved helmet.

How can I donate to Trailblazers?

Mail checks to BCT at PO Box 701 Daphne, AL 36526   Or use Paypal

The Walking School Bus in Fairhope is the only daily walk to school program in Alabama. Learn more here.

Any tips on trail etiquette?
  • Be Respectful and Alert
  • Stay to the right, pass on the left, and give audible warnings
  • Obey all Trail and Road Signs
  • Use safe speeds, slow down in congested areas
  • If you’re on wheels, yield to pedestrians
  • Pull off the Trail when you stop
  • Keep dogs on short leashes and clean up after your pet
  • Maintain single file when allowing others to pass
  • No unauthorized motorized vehicles
What is the history of the organization?
The Trailblazers was formed as a non-profit organization in 1995 to raise funds to build a continuous connector along the eastern shore of Mobile Bay. Founder Teko Wiseman’s vision was to connect the north and south ends of the county and encourage a pedestrian and bike-friendly community. The Trailblazers worked with elected officials to secure grants and raise matching funds. The cities of Daphne and Fairhope, Alabama DOT, and Baldwin County Highway Department helped to design and build segments over the years. Today, strollers, dog walkers, joggers, and slow bike riders enjoy the trail.
Teko Wiseman Founder of the Baldwin County Trailblazers

The late Teko Wiseman, founder, 2004.