Nat Rec Trail  The NATIONAL RECREATION TRAILS (NRT) program works to preserve and celebrate our nation’s pathways.

AlaBike   AlaBike promotes cycling access, education and safety and advocates for safer road environments for all users.

Alabama Trails Commission connects to recreational trails across “Alabama the Beautiful.”

8 Great Rides near Gulf Shores

Rails to Trails – Chief Ladiga Trail, Alabama Magazine, Summer 2020

chief R to T Ala Magazine

Local and Regional Bicycle Groups:

BicycleMobile – an advocacy website devoted to all aspects of bicycling in Mobile. Maintains list of group rides, bike shop information, and issues for advocacy and infrastructure.

Delta Bike Project – a non-profit bicycle community that promotes and improves access to bicycle transportation in Mobile. We provide access to tools and knowledge for do-it-yourself bicycle repair and low cost access to donated and recycled bicycles.

Team Share the Road, Mobile – promotes safe access to streets, roads and highways.

More Reading

Becoming a Bicycle Friendly Business:


2 thoughts on “Resources and Links

  1. I find the trail getting worse every year when we visit Much of it is broken up, has glass, pine needles or other debris on it. Riding the trail I encounter numerous vehicles using it for parking as they mow lawns, work on building across the road or just to park on. This is a valuable asset that isn’t everywhere yet it still remains to not be maintained or violators enforced. Fortunately I am from Illinois so I am used to roadways in poor condition but, do you really want to be like Illinois? I continue to cycle here I just wish you took more pride in this wonderful asset that is slowly crumbling away.


    1. Hello Mr. Bobbitt,
      Thank you so much for your interest in our EST. We value your input and understand your concerns. I will say that the Trailblazers are working continually with our governmental jurisdictions to maintain and upgrade the Trail. All the white blocks of sidewalks along the Trail mark new installations of sidewalk that the Trailblazers requested. Flags and painted stripes along the route indicate planned repairs and upgrades. The County is in the process of marking all of them and then coming up with a plan to address them. It will happen.
      As for maintenance of brush and debris you might have found along the route, I would have to know where you noticed the problem areas. I can tell you that the Baldwin County doesn’t have the manpower to clear the Trail more than twice a month. It’s a limitation we have to live with because of limited resources. But on the agenda of the Trailblazers is a proposal to adopt a Friends of the Trail program, enlisting volunteers along the route to help maintain it.
      By the way, we also are completing upgrades of our 8 kiosks along the route with upgraded maps and information.
      We are so glad to get input from our users, which we will use and also pass along to public works officials.
      Best regards,
      Nancy Johnson, board member
      Baldwin County Trailblazers


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